McMule is a contemporary string band specializing in the blues and all things related or to put it another way... backwoods country fried funky twang lifted from a muddy hilltop and slow roasted till the sun go down.

The band's instrumentation is minimal but the sound is big and pure; a guitar or two, mandolin, harmonica, bass, tasteful percussion and plenty of lush vocal harmonies.  Decades of performing has fine tuned the band into a well-oiled machine, light on their feet and heavy on the groove.

McMule has released four albums to date.  "Right Down Here" the latest offering is a tour of the blues form... flavors of Muscle Shoals, Chess Records and the sounds of historic field recordings are all represented. The band's previous album "Whiskeytalk" received national radio airplay. One tune garnered a slot on Lufthansa Airlines in flight radio programming. Country rock stalwart Commander Cody commented on the album, "...this is the best roots music/authentic bluegrass album I have heard in years."

McMule has performed at major festivals throughout the Northeast, as well as top shelf music venues such as B.B. King's in NYC and various cultural events.

McMule is:

John Anderson - guitar, resonator guitar, vocals
Peter Dunphy - drums, percussion
Joanne Lediger - vocals
Doug O'Connor - bass, vocals
Perry Paletta - mandolin, guitar
Jim Sterett - harmonica, vocals